About Us

“The Company Educational Drama” is a theatre company that produces educational plays in English. Our aim is to expose students to English through drama as we consider it a fundamental learning tool. Our goal is that students learn the language in a natural and fun way as they get more sensitive to the Arts.

We are:    Juan Luis Granato- Producer, Director, Actor.    Mariana Baquet- Producer, Director, Actress.          

Susana Anselmi- Director, Actress.  Alejandra Blasco- ELT advisor Magdalena Bosch- Actress. Guido García- Actor.  César Herrera- Actor.             

 Inés Hirschy- Actress. Gabriel Noriega- Actor. Javier Más- Actor.  Florencia Salvetto- Actress. Carlos Schulkin- Actor.

Lucía Silva- Scenic Design. Sebastián Santana- Graphic Design.  Alfredo Leirós- Music. Fernando Ulivi- Music. Nilda Rodríguez- Costume design