2020 Season

for Kindergarten / Form 1 and 2 Levels

Peter Pan and Wendy recounts some new adventures of J. M. Barrie’s young and spirited, flying Peter and Tinker Bell his fairy friend. Peter and Wendy are having a good time but all is not well. Read more

for Primary

In 1862, the people of Los Angeles, California suffered under the tyranny of Commander Enrique Monasterio and his second in command, Sargeant Garcia. Monasterio imposed unfairly high taxes and used the money to build his own personal fortune. Read more

About Us

The Company Educational drama was founded in 2009 to bring learners of English closer to dramatic art and the exciting characters and stories that British and American writers have contributed to our world.

Since then, we have presented between three and four plays a year for Primary and Secondary learners of English from Schools and Language Institutes throughout Uruguay reaching an astonishing 15000 young learners from about 100 schools each year.

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