The dwarf's trot

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Two two two two
Two funny dwarfs
Singing along
Having some fun, fun, fun
Walk hand in hand
Jump on a foot
I think that’s very cute

Ua Ua Ua Ua
One funny dwarf
Two funny dwarfs
Playing along, long, long
My name is Doe
My name is Nut
I think I’m getting fat!

My name is Nut
My name is Doe
And here begins our show!

A day with two funny dwarfs

This tender and naive story, takes us hand in hand along with these two sweet dwarfs, who are best friends and together face an ‘adventurous’ day where they will... get lost and finally realize that home is just around the bend!... discover that friendship only has meaning when they make each other happy maybe by simply exchanging ‘a dear old sweater’ by another ‘dear old sweater’... find out that here and there are everywhere!... be chased by a bothering itch that seems to be a ‘travelling itch’...

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