Heracles – The last labour






After completing the eleventh labour that King Eurystheus commanded him, Heracles pledges for his well-deserved freedom. But the goddess Hera, who hates Heracles, obliges King Eurystheus to assign him one more labour. Now Heracles must enter the Underworld to capture Cerberus, Hades’ three-headed dog, and bring it alive.

This is the most dangerous and difficult labour of all! But luckily, Perseus, Heracles’ great-grandfather, helps him. Perseus was an outstanding warrior who knows exactly how to enter the gates of the underworld. He teaches Heracles all the secrets to succeed in this risky mission.

But Hera and Hades conspire to assure Heracles’ failure!

Will Heracles capture Cerberus and get out of the underworld alive?

Will Heracles be free at last?

Join the Greek hero in his last and most dangerous labour and have fun along the way!


August, Monday 5th 10:00am / 2:00pm

August, Tuesday 6th – 10:00am / 2:00pm / 6:00pm

August, Wednesday 7th – 10:00am / 2:00pm

August, Thursday 8th – 10:00am / 2:00pm

August, Friday 9th – 10:00am / 2:00pm

August, Monday 12th – 10:00am / 2:00pm

August, Tuesday 13th – 10:00am / 2:00pm

August, Wednesday 14th – 10:30am / 2:00pm / 6:00pm

August, Thursday 15th – 10:30am / 2:00pm

August, Friday 16th – 10:30am / 2:00pm



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