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Aladdin is an adventurous boy who together with his best friend, a monkey called Abu, sells water at the marketplace in order to help his poor family. One day he meets the king’s daughter, the beautiful princess Jasmine. They like each other very much but try to hide it. Jasmine is very sad because her father wants to marry her to a cruel prince she doesn’t like at all! Aladdin wants her to marry him instead to save her from that bad man, but her father will only accept a prince as her husband. Jasmine convinces Aladdin to find the mysterious “Cave of Wonders” where “The Wonderful Lamp” is. The legend goes that if someone rubs the lamp a Genie will come out and grant three wishes!. Jasmine knows that this might be the only chance for Aladdin to become a prince and marry her!. But are they the only ones looking for the lamp? The cave might be a dangerous place!. Jasmine and Aladdin will live a fantastic adventure as they go in search of the lamp! Join them!