Demeter and Persephone

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Four of the most renowned Greek mythological gods and goddesses take part in this story: Demeter, Persephone, Hades and Zeus.

After making ambrosia, the delicious food of the Gods, Zeus and Hades (Demeter’s brothers) toss a dice to divide the Worlds, although Poseidon was not present. Zeus becomes the ruler of the skies, Poseidon is given the rule of the seas and Hades gets to rule the underworld.

But Hades feels lonely down there with nobody around. He needs a queen. He wants the graceful and beautiful Persephone to be his queen, but he knows that her mother, Demeter, will never let her go to the underworld. So, one day, while Demeter is sleeping he takes Persephone away! Demeter is now furious and urges Zeus (as king of the gods) to bring Persephone back on Earth with her immediately! But Zeus also understands that Hades needs a queen. Demeter (as goddess of agriculture) threatens Zeus to stop the harvest and proclaims that she will not let anything grow on Earth any longer.This means that it will always be Winter on Earth.

What will happen? Will Zeus intercede on behalf of Demeter or Hades? Will nothing grow on Earth any longer? Will all mortals die of hunger?