King Arthur

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Back in the Middle Ages King Arthur rules over Britain. In spite of his young age he has bravely led his soldiers to victory in a countless number of battles proving himself to be a great leader and warrior. But these victories made him vain. He now feels he is superior and has the right to mistreat his Knights and even his beloved wife, Guinevere. Tired of her selfish bad-tempered husband, she asks to the King´s counsellor, Merlin, who is a very wise person for help. Merlin then decides that it is time to put Arthur to the test by challenging him to find the Grail which is hidden somewhere in the British Isles. This ancient cup is said to bring abundance and eternal life to its holder. Blinded by his vanity, King Arthur accepts the challenge immediately. But Arthur´s sister, Morgaine, who has been looking for the Grail herself for a long time, tries to stop him. Along the quest for the Grail, Morgaine and Arthur will find themselves engaged in an incredible adventure full of mysteries and will discover true human values such as loyalty, honesty, courage and respect. These values will later be essential for the Code of the Knights of the Round Table.