Sinbad, the sailor

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The Arabian Nights stories are some of the world’s greatest treasures. They have existed for thousands of years, consisting of tales told in Persia, Arabia, India and Asia. The Arabian Nights (also known as The 1001 Nights) have inspired writers all over the world. Fairy tales, fables, romances, farces, legends, and parables are included. They are an example of how art, trickery, magic and craft can swirl together and form a world that every reader and listener wants to enter.
After a fantastic trip Sinbad comes back to his hometown Baghdad ready for a new adventure! This time he has to
take the Book of Love to the island of Deryabar where he must open it in order to spread love all over the world. But
he needs a partner for this incredible adventure. Marina, an intrepid girl, wants to go with him. But Sinbad doesn’t
want her as his partner because she is a girl and it is said that ‘the sea is only for boys’. As she is determined to go, she
manages to get into Sinbad’s boat without him noticing. Sailing together, they will face many dangers such us a big
octopus which will try to steal the Book of Love from them!