To get rid of a ghost

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Emerald green blood, blue blood...
Is there any yellow blood too?
In this castle of Canterville
You may be surprised by anything
Chains that make noise
I suggest Tommany Sunshine Oil
Stains that won’t go
Pinkerton’s cleaner will wipe it off!
Well, Sir Simon de Canterville
You may be a ghost, but to live in here
You must pay rent if you wanna stay
And stop making noise with those clanking chains!
Emerald green blood, blue blood...
Is there any yellow blood too?
Maybe ghosts have colourful blood
May it be purple, orange or white?
We only know there’s a ghost in here
And we’ve prepared this surprise for him
Will he be scared?
Will he get mad?
Let’s see what happens
When he discovers
What a ghost really looks like!

The Canterville Ghost

Sir Simon de Canterville is an old ghost who has lived in the Canterville Castle in England for three hundred years. He enjoys haunting around the house and scaring all the people who move into the castle. But everything changes when a new modern family from America moves in. Their way of life is very different from that of Europe. Simon gets very angry with the Otis family because they don’t respect him and do not fear him. Finally, after many attempts to scare them, Sir Simon gets tired and wants to find peace and be free, but he needs help to do so.

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