Here comes Hook

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Here comes Hook!
A te – te – terrible crook
A pirate he is
So help me out please!
For here comes Hook
This te – te – terrible crook

Ha, ha, ha
I scare everyone, they see me and run
I show them my hook
They fear at my look
My hat and my patch
Yes, my spooky touch
Ha, ha, ha
I scare everyone!

But he’s afraid
Of one little thing...
The tick – tock, tick – tock sound
Of this scary... crocodile!

He..., he..., help me, help me!
Get him out of here!
Mommy, mommy!
Where’s my mommy?
Get me out of here!

So there goes Hook
That te – te – terrible crook!

So here I go
I’m te – te – terrible Hook!

Tinker and Pan

Peter Pan is a child who has lost his shadow, he cannot find it anywhere! Fortunately his fairy friend, Tinker Bell, helps him look for it.
While doing so, Tinker tries to teach Peter how to fly... will he make it?
They keep looking for Peter’s shadow...will they find it?
Who will they run into along the play?... maybe the crocodile?... Hook himself?... Wendy?...

This sweet and tender story will show you that fairies do exist as long as you believe in them.

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