Just a dream

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I want to be a prince
Have Jasmine as my princess
I´ll be happy with her
She´ll be happy with me.

Jasmine is my dream come true
With her everything is new
But I know it´s just a dream
Look at me, I´m not a prince...

Well, maybe the magic lamp
Will help me
If I make a wish
It may come true
So I will have Jasmine
As my princess
Everything in my life
Will be new...

I want to be a prince
Have Jasmine as my princess.


Aladdin is an adventurous boy who together with his best friend, a monkey called Abu, sells water at the marketplace in order to help his poor family. One day he meets the king’s daughter, the beautiful princess Jasmine. They like each other very much but try to hide it. Jasmine is very sad because her father wants to marry her to a cruel prince she doesn’t like at all! Aladdin wants her to marry him instead to save her from that bad man, but her father will only accept a prince as her husband.

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