Romeo's banishment

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Hostile Verona
Can you feel my heartache?
Banished from my love…
Banished from my home…
How can I survive?
Being far away
From my Juliet’s lips
Isn’t exile death?
There is no world
Beyond Verona walls
But hell itself!
For exile has more
Terror in his look
Much more than death
Heaven is here, where Juliet lives
So, do not mention banishment!
No, do not mention banishment!
Being far away,
From my Juliet’s lips
Exile is death!

Romeo & Juliet

Set in Verona, two families the Capulets and Montagues, are enemies and have hated one another for a long time. Romeo Montague is a peaceful boy more interested in love than in fighting. Mercutio, his closest friend, encourages him to go to a costume party at the Capulets’. At the party, Romeo meets Juliet Capulet and falls instantly in love with her and so does she. But they are both told that their families are enemies. Romeo decides to sneak to Juliet’s bedroom window. At the famous “balcony scene”, they agree to get married even though their families would never accept it.

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