Tear down the wall

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Come on, everybody
No more time for crying.
Hand to hand we’ll make it
Stone by stone we’ll break it
Open up that hole
We’ll tear down the wall.
Nothing is too high
Nothing is too big.

Come on, everybody
No more time for crying.
Work and stick together
And we’ll make it be!

The selfish giant

The village children were happy playing in the Giant’s garden, among the trees, birds and flowers. The Giant wanted to keep them out and built a big wall around it. Summer came but the garden stayed quiet and cold under a blanket of snow.
The Giant was sad and lonely. Then the children made a hole in the wall and where they played, the sun, flowers and birds came back.
The Giant felt the children had worked their way into his heart, not only into his garden, so by the end of the story you will discover that being selfish does not pay.

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