Robin Hood

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The evil and greedy Sheriff of Nottingham arrests Robert, Earl of Huntington, on his wedding day with Lady Marian and takes away his castle, land and title. Robert escapes to Sherwood Forest and, with the help of Little John and Friar Tuck, starts a fight against the Sheriff. Robert becomes a leader to all England and changes his name to Robin Hood. From the darkness, they steal from the rich to give to the poor in order to make justice. Tired of chasing Robin Hood around, the Sheriff finally decides to kidnap Lady Marian so he can capture him. Robin Hood and Little John go to Nottingham to rescue Lady Marian. Robin Hood and the Sheriff face each other in a fight, but Robin showing his handy skills, defeats him. At the same time, Friar Tuck announces the good news that King Richard has returned from the crusades and has recovered his kingdom and declared that the Sheriff must go to jail. Finally, Robin Hood and Lady Marian get married.