About The Company Educational Drama

The Company Educational drama was founded in 2009 to bring learners of English closer to dramatic art and the exciting characters and stories that British and American writers have contributed to our world.

Since then, we have presented between three and four plays a year for Primary and Secondary learners of English from Schools and Language Institutes throughout Uruguay reaching an astonishing 16000 young learners from about 100 schools each year. As part of our commitment to assisting teachers in creating a path to the performance with minimum class preparation, we are happy to provide an Activity Pack for each new play in repertoire.

All the activities are designed to raise your students’ interest in the stories, the characters, the themes, concepts and values found within each story as they listen to, speak, sing, read and write in English at their level or slightly above it. We believe that the arts, and especially drama, can play a uniquely rich role in teaching and learning a foreign or second language for many reasons.

Firstly because it is beneficial for learners to build a sense of anticipation before they see a play and a sense of accomplishment after they have seen it. There is much to be gained by the healthy build-up of excitement leading up to the performance and the subsequent pride in having been able to enjoy a play in English.

Secondly because it places language and learning in context and, thus, presents teachers and learners with a variety of tasks that are realistic and full of potential. Moreover, these tasks encourage students to understand and use the language in your curriculum but also other language that does not traditionally find its place in textbooks.

We are one with teachers, parents, school administrators and educational policy makers who aspire to raise the bar in education by enriching the conceptual, procedural, attitudinal and linguistic repertoire of children, teenagers and young adults.

We have also started producing plays in Spanish, which you can see at www.thecompany.com.uy/esp

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Mariana Baquet

Mariana Baquet is an actress, director, producer and Drama teacher. She is a graduate of EMAD, the National Conservatoire of Dramatic Arts of Uruguay and holds a Diploma in TEFL.

Juan Luis Granato

Juan Luis Granato is an actor, director, producer and cultural manager. He is a graduate of IAM (Institute of Dramatic Arts, in Uruguay) and holds a degree in Cultural Management.

Content editor

Jose Luis Morales is an actor and author of ELT content with a passion for teaching English to children and teenagers through drama. He is a graduate of EMAD, the national conservatoire of dramatic arts of Uruguay, and of LAMDA the London Academy of Music and Drama, where he studied as a UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office Award recipient. His work for children and teenagers has been published by Macmillan, Pearson and Richmond.

José Luis Morales

ESL Teacher, Actor, Materials Writer

Meet our team!

We work with a fantastic group of professional actors and actresses that have years of experience doing drama especially for children.

Javier Más


Gabriel Noriega


Diego Veirano


Antonella Aquistapache


Romina Menciones


Gabriel Nieto